Thursday, February 7, 2013

On the Fly Dress

Oh, I really can't resist a halfway decent pun...

Leah recently extolled the greatness of knit dresses, and I could not agree more.  Appropriate for work, not too dressed up for after work, and it feels like you're wearing pajamas!

After seeing bird fabrics popping up all over the blogosphere, I was dying for my own.  And couldn't find it.  I found this rayon jersey while I was perusing ebay one day in November, and hinted to my boyfriend that it would make a very good anniversary present, and sent him the link.  As much as I had wanted a fabric like this, I had a hard time deciding what to do with it - I wanted it to feel like pajamas, but not look like them.

Photo from Vintage Patterns Wiki
This dress started out as Advance 5929, which my mom gave me for Christmas (off of my Etsy wishlist).  In the end, it doesn't resemble the pattern much.  I removed the skirt pleats because the drapey knit did not play well with them, and I swapped out the skirt for my go-to skirt from Butterick 5030.  I tried on the bodice as is, and opted to re-cut at the side seams to match Jalie 2921, my go-to for knits.  Then I cut off the lapel on the collar - I prefer the more modern neckline with this fabric.

The shoulders, waist, and neckline are reinforced with clear elastic, and happily I think that I have finally gotten the hang of applying it.  A three-step zigzag, while not the prettiest finish, gives me the most consistent (and stretchy) results.  The skirt is unhemmed, because skirt hems on knits terrify me, and really, why bother? The sleeves are finished with a twin needle.

This dress filled an animal print gap in my wardrobe (though I really, really, really want to make something with foxes or elephants or something on it!), and as long as the fabric holds up, I will love it to pieces I'm sure.

Obligatory swishy skirt shot.
Pattern: Advance 5929
Fabric: Bird print knit from Ebay
Modifications: Removed waist pleats, changed sleeve and armscye, used skirt from Butterick 5030.


  1. Love a good pun!

    Your dress is beautiful, love that neckline/collar detail, very sweet, it looks nothing like pyjama fabric now! :)

  2. Lovely fit and your fabric is so pretty. I can see this being a great versatile wardrobe staple.

  3. So pretty! I have a black knit wrap dress I wear to work when I don't feel like getting "dressed", and it's is a LIFE. SAVER.

  4. Beautiful!! I am finally working on a knit shirt, so hopefully there are some knit dresses in my future.

  5. That's so pretty! And the fit is perfect. I want one!

  6. This is just beautiful, the print works so well with the dress.


    I love this dress so much! You have definitely inspired me to make that jersey dress I've been planning but NOT making for the past few weeks. I'm impressed with your use of clear elastic, the one time I tried to use it I ended up totally ruining it and just having to cut it off again!

  8. Really cute! This looks great on you!

  9. I love how your knit dress came out. I am a big fan of knits also. Easy to throw on, minimal wrinkles - you can't go wrong.

  10. This. Is. Adorable. I love this! So flattering and comfortable looking and lovely! I hope it accompanies you well on the new gig. Seriously nice, Mika.

  11. This is beautiful-the style really suits you, and good job on altering a woven pattern to make an awesome knit one. Ditto on thought about gathers in knit fabric XD

  12. That is super cute:)