Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Agatha Sweater KAL

Agatha cardigan by Andi Satterlund.  image source
The lovely Lauren of lladybird is starting her first sweater, and after responding to a question she had about gauge I realized it was the same sweater I had just bought yarn for, the Agatha cardigan.  So, we're doing a knit along, and inviting anyone who's interested to join in.  I'll have a link to the Flickr group up soon, where we'll post our photos, and where anyone else making the sweater can post theirs as well.  This is my first blogged sweater (and my first KAL), but I recently made Aidez and the Carnaby Street Pullover, so if you have any technical questions feel free to ask! 

Here are my swatches, all blocked and dry now:

3x1 ribbing swatch

Agatha Swatch 3
Lace panel 2 swatch

I had to go down to a size 5 needle to get gauge, but the fabric feels good - sturdy, but not stiff.  I knit both of the gauge swatches to twice the size specified by the pattern, to help with accurate measuring.
The yarn is Berroco Vintage, a 50% acrylic (I know, I know), 40% wool, 10% nylon blend.  I like it- it definitely doesn't have that plasticy acrylic feel to it like some yarns.  The label says machine washable, but I have not had good experiences with so-called "washable" yarns, so I will definitely be hand washing.  Maybe I'll toss my swatch in the washing machine to see what happens though.  The color in the photos is pretty accurate, though in real life its a teensy bit more cranberry-like.

I'm so excited about the sweater; not only is it going to be way more fun to have at least one person to knit along with (thanks Lauren!) but I know that I'll get a ton of use out of it once it's done.  I wish I had the right skin tone to pull off the mustard color, but I definitely do not (I have to make myself a mustard skirt and bag to make up for the lack of mustard dresses and tops in my life...).  Red will still be good though.

In sewing news, I've been working away on my corduroy dress.  It snowed yesterday (FINALLY!), so it's a great time to work on a project and be cozy inside.  Do you have the kind of weather this weekend that gives you an excuse to laze around with your projects all day?

And, sadly, my laptop harddrive has bit the dust, without any sort of warning.  Don't you hate it when they're so inconsiderate like that? Of course I always intended to back everything up and didn't actually do it... anyway, my boyfriend lets me use his when he doesn't need it, so hopefully this won't disrupt blogging too much.


  1. Ooooh, LOVE that cardigan pattern! I'm still struggling to finish a sweater I started knitting last month...before I went on a total sewing craze. I pretty much just knit at craft group meetings now and sew at home. Can't wait to see your finished results :)

  2. Ahhh your swatches look so good! I swatched mine out last night and I'm still worried that they are the wrong gauge... I will be emailing you as soon as I upload the pictures :) Hahah I am so needy when it comes to this stuff. I just want to start my cardigan!